Conservatory design and construction

A bespoke conservatory to suit every style of house

A well designed conservatory should complement and enhance the look of existing architecture. We offer a professional design service to give you a conservatory that is unique to your specific requirements.

We can manage the process from initial concept right through to completion. Choose from a variety of basic styles including 3 segment Victorian, 5 segment Victorian, Georgian, Gable and Lean-to. A range of frame styles and finishes are available to suit your tastes and budget.

Add space and style to your home with a conservatory

Bespoke conservatory designWhether you want a sun lounge or a place to cultivate your plants, a conservatory is one of the most cost effective ways to add an extra room to your house, and because there is no set use for one, it can be designed around your specific requrements. A small surburban home can benefit from the extra living space, or it can be the perfect complement to a period country dwelling.

conservatory to suit every style of houseBuilding materials, including bricks, can be selected to match your existing structure in style and colour. The position of doors and number of opening windows can be tailored to suit your circumstances.

You don’t have to be restricted to conventional designs. A conservatory can be tailor made to fit the corners of your home or anywhere else.

Our conservatories benefit from the same durable construction, energy efficiency and enhanced security that our windows and doors are subject to.