Triple Glazing Windows in Hertfordshire

The ultimate in energy efficiency, security and comfort

Energy efficient secure triple glazing for your homeIn the continuing quest for improvement, many modern windows are now constructed using a triple glazing process. Triple glazing uses three panes of glass instead of two and an additional gas-filled cavity, and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK because of the benefits it provides in energy efficiency, security and noise reduction.

It is quite likely that UK building regulations will specify triple glazing as standard on new buildings within a few years.

Save even more on your energy bills with triple glazing

Triple glazed units are designed to absorb heat energy from outside during the daytime to warm your home, while providing excellent thermal insulation to lock the heat in. The thermal efficiency of triple glazing eliminates ‘cold spots’. In colder countries with extreme winter weather, such as Scandinavia and Canada, triple glazing has been a building standard for many years because of the superier insulation it provides.

Our range of triple glazed windows have been awarded an ‘A’ rating by the British Fenestration Ratings Council, which calculates and rates the overall energy efficiency of windows.

Enhanced Security

The additional pane of glass in triple glazing units ensures that your windows are much less easy to break through. Triple glazed windows are internally beaded, meaning that the glass can only be removed from the frame from inside the building enhancing their security further.

Sound insulation

If you live on a busy road or near a railway, or just a densely populated area, triple glazed units can deliver excellent acoustic performance, meaning that noise levels from outside are minimised to enhance your enjoyment of your home.

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