Windows in Hertfordshire

High quality double glazing and triple glazing

double glazing and triple glazingOur windows are glazed from the inside using removable beads and feature Heatguard® full 28mm argon filled warm edge high performance sealed glazing units, available in chamfered or sculptured designs to match your specific requirements.

The use of coated insulating glass, resulting in low surface emissivity, with lower levels of thermal transmittance compared with traditional glazing.

It reduces the amount of heat loss out through your window, whilst allowing heat (energy) from the sun in. By making our sealed units wind and weather tight, a higher internal temperature is achieved, resulting in up to 70% reduction in condensation.

With a glass design to suit every taste and style, you can be sure we can provide the design to suit you.

VEKAWe now offer the VEKA Fully Reversible Window System, which gives you the combination of one of the most popular and versatile window styles with the highly acclaimed Matrix 70mm suite from VEKA. Galvanised steel reinforcements, espagnolette locking and internal beading options are just some of the benefits this system offers.

Enhanced security

Home GuardOur windows are fitted with the unique Homeguard™ range of locks and handles and are designed to meet the strict criteria of British Standards for enhanced security. A combination of locking points secure the window in all four corners and four sides of the frame, and an internally glazed design prevents the glass from being removed from the outside. This provides effective all around anti-intruder protection.

Secure Door FrameA high impact 70mm framework with thermally welded joints provides integral strength which is further increased, where necessary, through the incorporation of fully galvanised steel reinforcement into the multi-chambered structure of the profile.

The optional child-proof restrictor hinge keeps young children safe and secure by limiting the opening of the window to preventing anyone from accidently falling. A pressure pad concealed within the hinge mechanism allows the window to be opened fully by an adult.

Even the screws used in our windows are superior grades, tested for 1000 hours in a salt spray chamber to ensure their quality and durability.

Energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windowsEnergy efficiency is of paramount importance in our window designs. Your investment in our energy efficienct windows will always be returned during their own lifetime, in the form of reduced household energy bills.

Our warm edge sealed units are 28mm wide leaving a 20mm cavity which is filled with Argon, an inert gas thermal ‘blanket’. Your home automatically feels warmer without the need to turn up the heating.

Our range of double glazed windows have been awarded an ‘A’ rating by the British Fenestration Ratings Council. which calculates the overall energy efficiency of windows. This gives consumers an easy way to distinguish between the top energy saving A-C rated windows and less eco-friendly alternatives.

Heat GuardResearch has shown that the inclusion of Heatguard® technology in your windows can reduce your annual fuel bills by up to 25% by locking in thermal energy.